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Necropolis Tattoo is an award winning custom tattoo shop located just west of Beaverton and Portland.  Our goal is to be the best artists that Oregon has to offer, always striving to become better artists to be able to provide you with the best.


We provide Custom Tattoos, Custom Artwork (paintings, prints, designs etc.). We offer a unique style to our artwork as well as our facility, you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.


We also offer a Tattoo School program.  Schooling is how you get licensed to do tattoos legally in Oregon.  Our program is the closest experience to an apprenticeship in Oregon. 




Ryan Burke specializes in realistic, horror, anime, comic book, movie, and video game related tattoos.

Brian Easlon specializes in anime, old school, neo traditional style tattoos.

Josh Espinosa specializes in black and grey realism, lettering, portraits, horror, chicano style tattoos.



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