2022 Tuition $12,950

2023 Tuition $14,950

This price includes all materials you need during the program, including but not limited to: making flash and other art and making your own coil machine. This also includes a set of all the materials for tattooing that you will need to start off your career, including but not limited to: a rotary tattoo machine, power supply, power cord, foot pedal, full tattoo ink set, and miscellaneous other supplies.


Payment Options

Students may pay the tuition in full upon the first day of classes, or 50% upon the first day of classes and remaining at the half point of completion.  Students may pay by check, cash, or major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).


Enrollment Process

Applicants must: submit an application form; have a high school diploma or GED certificate; schedule an interview and a tour of the school facility; and submit completed and signed enrollment documents (after acceptance notification).

We are currently accepting both zoom and in-person interviews.

Application: LINK