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Tattoo School

About Our Tattoo School

     Necropolis Tattoo is looking to provide a unique, personal learning experience.  We provide students with hands-on experiences to learn all aspects of the field, and be taught in a one-on-one manner.  We will go over safe tattoo practices, artistic techniques, customer service, and how develop knowledge in all styles of tattooing. 
     Not only will we go over how to use coil machines that have been used in the industry for decades, we will also go over using rotary tattoo machines.  These machines are becoming standard for many top name artists in the industry because of their consistency and convenience; giving artists a more solid, smooth, faster healing tattoo.

What Sets Us Apart

     We are very thorough with teaching Oregon law, safety, and sanitation.  We keep our classes relatively small so we can be attentive to each and every student.  Our students have multiple artists who have mastered more styles than most other schools have to offer.  This allows us to focus on your style, and translate that into tattooing.  If you are having trouble finding your style, or getting good at a style you want to do, we can help you get there.  

     Oregon requires you to tattoo 150 hours at a state licensed tattoo facility in order to get your tattoo license.  We require those hours, but we know that this is not enough time for some people to get where they want to be artistically.  Some people have a harder time learning than others.  Because of this we don't rush you to finish your hours, in turn we allow you to stay on as a student for an extended time if needed.  We want you to succeed.

Applying to our School

     Please fill out the form in the link below to apply to our school.  Once you have filled that out, we can proceed with setting up a time to meet in person or video chat. 

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