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Ryan Burke

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Ryan has been tattooing since 2009.  His first tattoo being Ryuk from the anime *Death Note*, followed by his 9th tattoo being a portrait of Edward Scissorhands.  His passion is in realism or anime tattoo work.  Anything horror, pop culture, nerd, geek, gamer, anime related work.  He was self taught due to the very few realistic tattoo artists in the NW while learning how to tattoo.  He looked towards quality realism artists like Nikko Hurtado and Paul Acker for inspiration to continue to grow and better himself as an artist.  Ryan has closed his books for anything outside of his main interest/passion when it comes to tattooing.  Currently he is only accepting pieces that are horror, anime, gamer, movie, comic, pop culture related designs.

 After establishing a strong foundation in realism and gamer-style tattoos over eight years, Ryan began receiving requests for anime-style tattoos. His talent and adaptability allowed him to excel in this genre as well, and he has since become very well known for both realism and anime styles in the industry. His work is heavily inspired by horror, pop culture, geek, gamer, and anime themes.
Looking ahead, Ryan harbors a deep desire to delve into the realm of horror or spooky-themed variants of gamer, movie, and anime-style tattoos. He envisions creating nostalgic 90s-style Saturday morning cartoon tattoos, infusing them with a contemporary twist.
Additionally, Ryan is captivated by the prospect of creating large-scale tattoos that seamlessly integrate monster elements, witch themes, and Eldritch terrors into biomech-style designs. A style he refers to as "monstermech." These ambitious projects reflect Ryan's ongoing commitment to innovation and his eagerness to explore new artistic frontiers within the tattooing world.

Ryan's dedication to his craft has earned him sponsorship from Eternal Tattoo Ink, a testament to his skill and reputation in the tattoo industry. He has narrowed his focus to his true passions, accepting only projects that align with his interests in horror, anime, gaming, movies, comics, and pop culture. This specialization allows him to deliver exceptional, highly detailed tattoos that resonate with his clients and showcase his unique artistic vision. Ryan's work has been featured in prominent tattoo magazines, and he has won several awards at tattoo conventions, further solidifying his status as a leading artist in his field.

Ryan Burke continues to push the boundaries of tattoo artistry with his focus on realism and pop culture themes. His multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication to his passions position him as a leading figure in the tattoo community, known for his exceptional skill and unique artistic vision.



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