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Ryan FAQ

What Are Ryan's Rates?

Currently they are $250/hour for his predrawn custom artwork that he posts up for grabs on Instagram, or Facebook.  $300/hr for any custom anime, videogame, movie, horror, comic book style custom work.  

How Far Out Does Ryan Book?

1-2 months after a design idea has been approved of by both Ryan and the Client.  Designs can take between a month to a year depending on the complexity to be approved.  Predrawn designs can be scheduled right away.

Does Ryan Travel?

Yes, although not often.  Make sure to follow him on instagram @cerebravore to keep up to date on travel dates.  

Will Ryan tattoo this character from my favorite movie?  I'm not sure he would be into it...

More than likely, if it's from a movie, show, videogame etc, he will probably be into the design.  

How Long Does a tattoo take?

Most of the pieces posted online are done in 1 session in about 5-7 hours.  Each character usually takes about that long, so 2 characters takes almost twice as long to tattoo in the same amount of space.  For example, wrist to elbow, covering one side of the arm, with 1 character will take around 5-7 hours.  If there are 2 characters in that same amount of space, you are looking at around 8-12 hours on average.  The length of time it takes to do a tattoo is more dependent on the amount of detail in the piece rather than how big the piece is.

Does Ryan Do Cover Ups?

Yes, although he prefers to do a tattoo on blank skin before tackling a cover up.

Can Ryan Tattoo Darker Skin?

Yes, but he has very minimal experience tattooing darker skin tones.  You may want to look into an artist with more experience with darker skin, or just be understanding that the tattoo will not come out the same as it would normally on lighter skin tones.

How Long Has Ryan Been Tattooing?

10+ Years

I really want a tattoo from Ryan, but I don't know what I want.  Does he have designs available?

He certainly does!  If you check out either of his instagram pages, you will find designs he has available in his highlights.

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